• Measure gamma (X), beta, alpha radiation
  • Simultaneous measurement of dose rate and dose gamma (X) radiation
  • Wide measuring range
  • Measurement cycle per second and high accuracy
  • Voice dubbing and voice evaluation of measurement results
  • Compact

Main Parameters

Dose measuring range, mSv0,0001 - 1⋅103
Dose rate measuring range, μSv/h0,1 - 1⋅104
Photons energy range, MeV0,05 - 3,0
Measuring range of beta-particles flux density
(by 90Sr+90Y), min-1⋅cm-2
5 - 3⋅104
The lower limit of the beta-radiation energy being
registered (according to average beta spectrum energy 14 С), not more than, MeV
The threshold of allowable basic relative error for
confidence probability 0,95 for all measuring
modes, %
Indication range of alpha-particles flux density
(for 239Pu), min-1⋅cm-2
10 - 3⋅104
Indication range of ionizing particles flux
(for 90Sr+90Y), min-1
10 - 3⋅104

The terrorist threat associated with the massive contamination of cash, coins, payment bankcards, domestic and international postal items (postcards, letters, packages, parcels, etc.) is real and fully feasible at anytime…

Heat or cold… flood or desert wind… fire or ice – all this you can feel and touch. But there is an invisible and intangible threat – radiation. Odorless, colorless,…


These are the realities of the XXI century-the dosimeter becomes an attribute of everyday life – like a TV, computer or phone. The market is updated daily with new models. However, the cost does not always match the quality. The main indicator to pay attention to when choosing a radiation monitoring device is the accuracy of measurements.

The main purpose of dosimeters is to detect and control γ(X) radiation. At the same time, timely detection of beta- (β-) and alpha- (α-) active nuclides in air, soil, water, food and environmental objects can also save thousands of people from exposure and premature death.

These tasks are performed by devices called “dosimeters-radiometers”.

Dosimeters-radiometers are divided into household and professional.

The deviation of the readings of the household appliance from the actual values can vary both in the greater and in the lesser direction. Incorrect readings can either hide an obvious danger or scare the user if there is no threat. This fact convinces many to buy a professional device, even for household tasks.

Only a professional device guarantees the accuracy of the readings. Each device is checked by reference radiation sources for compliance with the declared error in the entire measurement range. Quality control checks are carried out in special accredited metrological centers.

In addition, the most convenient for users are such professional dosimeters-radiometers that have a short measurement time and fast response (change of readings) when the radiation intensity changes.