Radioactivity of cash

The terrorist threat associated with the massive contamination of cash, coins, payment bankcards, domestic and international postal items (postcards, letters, packages, parcels, etc.) is real and fully feasible at anytime and anywhere in the world. This can lead to serious radiation exposure of bank staff and post office employees, as well as infection of millions of people. Radiophobia, like a coronovirus infection phobia, will instantly reach the population, lead to panic and undermine the authority of not only the banking system, but the state government as well.

Credit and postal organizations of all countries should be prepared to deal with the consequences of a possible terrorist attack. To do this, it is necessary to equip all credit organizations and post offices working with cash with special professional radiation monitoring devices, that can quickly and accurately detect infected banknotes and postal items.

For more than 10 years, Instruction of the Russian Federation Central Bank No. 131-I of 04.12.2007 “Procedure of identification, temporary storage, clearing and destruction of banknotes with radioactive contamination” has been in force in Russia, requiring all credit organizations to have professional dosimeters-radiometers of γ (X) and β-radiation in each cash office of money reception.

Instruction No. 131-I states that the dose rate of γ (X) radiation and the beta-particle flux density from banknotes and their packaging should not exceed the natural radiation background, respectively, of 0.1 μSv/h and 10 part/(min ×cm2). If these values ​​exceed the natural background, banknotes are considered radioactively dangerous, withdrawn from circulation and disposed of at specialized enterprises of the nuclear industry.

The levels of permissible contamination of banknotes, as well as the requirements for the characteristics of the used dosimeters-radiometers, given in Instruction
No. 131-I apply to postal items.

AtomEco SRL company presents on the international market a professional dosimeter-radiometer MKС-01CA1, specially designed to facilitate the work of bank and post office staff in monitoring and detecting the radioactivity of cash banknotes in postal items. According to its characteristics, the МКС-01CA1 fully meets the requirements of the Russian Federation Central Bank Instruction No. 131-I of 04.12.2007:

ParameterInstruction requirementsNo. 131-IMeasurement Range МКС-01СА1
Measurement range of dose rate γ (X) - radiation, μSv / h0.1- 1000.1-10 000
The range of photon energies γ (X) - radiation, MeV0.05-1.250.05-3.0
Measurement range of β-particle flux density, part/( min ×cm2);10 - 5005-30000
The lower limit of the recorded β-radiation energy, MeV0.1less than 0.1

Over the past 12 years, Russian state and private banks have purchased more than 50,000 MKC-01CA devices.

The MKС-01СA1 dosimeter-radiometer is registered in the Russian State register of measuring instruments under the number no. 33063-08.

MKС-01CA1 has:

  • Approval Certificate of measuring instruments type RU.C. 38. 002.A
    No. 31090 valid until 07.03.2023;
  • CE Certificate no. OSE-13-0413 / 02 for compliance with Directive 2006/95 / EC of 12 December 2006 on the safety requirements of electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory applications;
  • CE Certificate no. OSE-13-0413 / 01 for compliance with Directive 2004 \ 108\EC of 21 December 2004 on the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility of electrical equipment for measurement and control.