About radiation

Heat or cold… flood or desert wind… fire or ice – all this you can feel and touch. But there is an invisible and intangible threat – radiation. Odorless, colorless, and tasteless… And deadly in high doses.

There was always natural radiation. It existed even before the mankind and our planet. Depending on the region the level of natural gamma (X-ray) radiation (γ (X)) can range from 0.1 to 0.3 microsievert per hour. Such a background is considered normal and does not pose a threat to health.

Potentially dangerous sources of radiation are created by mankind itself. They are used in medicine, industry, chemical and scientific research. These areas require constant monitoring.

Today’s world presents new radiation threats: nuclear weapons tests, use of ammunition with depleted alpha – active uranium-238, shale oil and gas production technology contaminating water with radioactive radium-226, accidents and waste from nuclear power plants. All this has a negative impact on the environment and puts human life at risk.

Terrorism also keeps pace with progress. Repeated attempts to create and use a “dirty” bomb, as well as radioactive contamination of mass circulation items – money, cars, radio equipment etc. have been terminated before. From time to time, targeted elimination of competitors or unwanted people in business and politics takes place as well. All this makes you think about your own radiation safety.